Hello! I’m Rev. Chelle

Metaphysical Minister, Family Constellation Facilitator & Clinical Hypnotist

I coach and hold space for women as we holistically address a variety of issues; emotional wellness, ego strengthening, addiction recovery, trauma recovery, inherited family emotions, health & wellness, reproductive health, fertility, pregnancy & life transitions.

My specialty is coaching women through the process of healing their Mother Wound so that they can reconnect to their true self.

I have consolidated The Women’s Holistic Healing Collective website and redirected it here. If you found me from Womenshhc.com, you are in the right place.  


Connecting The Dots To Transformation 

Private Healing Experience

Private sessions can be held in person or virtually.

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Group Healing Experience

Ending the Cycle of The Mother Wound

Launching January 7, 2020




My Expertise

Helping Women Transform Their Lives

My expertise is coaching women through the process of healing their Mother Wound so that they can reconnect to their true self.

My Tools

Systemic Family Mapping

Using the Core Language Approach, Systemic Family Mapping allows you to explore the epigenetic imprints and emotional wounds of your family soul.

Family Constellations

Is an experiencial process that brings to resolve a family’s generational entanglements as they manifest looking through time and space for healing and resolution. 

Clinical Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a concentrated state of focus. While in a heightened state of focus, hypnosis can help you with a variety of issues, from addiction recovery to ego strengthening and emotional healing. 

Empowerment Readings

By guiding you to a deeper connection with your own intuition, my Empowerment Readings can help you feel empowered with direction, choice and better sense of how all of the pieces fit together.

My Approach

I am a Metaphysical Minister. Metaphysical philosophy is centered in redirecting and rediscovering our true self through creating mind, body and spiritual harmony. It is centered in the belief that many of our life issues come from disharmony between our mind, body and spirit and our lack of connection to our God center. I am spiritual and without religious dogma. I honor all paths. 

My work is rooted in the belief that inside each of us is a powerful self-healing energy giving us the ability to create a life free from lingering emotional baggage, self-limiting habits and patterns and the legacy of intergenerational entanglements.

Rev.Chelle knows her craft and takes it seriously. She has a well crafted ability to connect you to the topic at hand with gentle transitions. Not only does she guide you to solutions but she helps you to understand what you witnessed and created during the session. She takes the time to think through every angle, she prepares you ahead of each session with proper information, once in session she is clear about what to expect and answers any questions, and after each session she provides thorough follow up and additional material.

 – Kristen

"I wasn't sure what to expect in this class, but I could not have asked for more. First, Rev. Chelle did a wonderful job of creating a safe container for practitioners to be vulnerable. The most valuable part of this series for me was having a process to help bring more of my subconscious material into conscious focus. This helped me see some of the "stuff" driving my undesirable behaviors and feelings. Uncovering and removing these counterproductive stories created an immediate shift. I will be back for more...Rev. Chelle is AMAZING! "

– Imani Evans-Baskin, CNLP, MA

" Rev. Chelle is amazing! Her spirit is disarming, which allows me to go within without the daily judgment I am accustomed to giving myself. The accuracy, uncanny. She is truly a guide."

– Tonia

" I have been working with Michelle now for serval sessions and as someone who has been in counseling off and on for years - her constellation work is amazing!! It has really opened up so much healing for me! I have had so much progress in just these few short sessions - more than after working a year with my last therapist! I have been able to release so much!! If you have the opportunity to work with Michelle I highly recommend it! You definitely will experience work like none other!"

– Dawn

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