Group Healing Experience


Ending the Cycle of The Mother Wound

In Person Group launching January 7, 2020

(Houston, TX Only)

Online Group Launching January 8,2020


Ending The Cycle Of The Mother Wound

Three Modules 

Six Sessions Per Module

Each One Building On The Next

Module One

January-March 2020

The Family System, Our Bodies & The Mother Wound

During the six sessions of module one you will learn:

  • How to shift the paradigm of your personal mother wound back into the family system for resolution
  • How to use an evidence based method of getting directly to the genesis of your Mother Wound
  • The four themes that subconsciously run the narratives in your relationships, career and parenting
  • How to build a family map using the core language approach 
  • The impact that epigenetics and generational events have on your life today
  • To identify the unhealthy subconscious loyalties to your mother that may be driving so many of your decisions
  • The limitless ways healing can happen within your energetic family tree
  • How to identify stored emotions and the impact they are having on your life right now
  • Proven Somatic techniques to release emotions that are stored in your body
  • How to move your inner conflict into an outer image for the purpose of resolution
  • The order of love and the importance of balance and boundaries

Module Two

May-July 2020

Relationships, Parenting & The Mother Wound

During the six sessions of module two you will learn:

  • The ways your Mother Wound has shown up in your romantic relationships
  • How to use your family map to build your relationship map
  • Your attachment style through the lense of the four themes from module one
  • Which parent shows up most in your romantic partnerships and why
  • How to identify the ways your Mother Wound shows up in your parenting
  • The many ways your unhealed Mother Wound may affect your fertility
  • What it means to mother a daughter with a mother wound
  • Somatic exercises, breath work and energy releasing tools to move emotions through and out of your cellular memory

Module Three

Sept-Nov 2020

Grief, Inner Child Healing & Stepping Into Your True Self

During the six sessions of module three you will learn:

  • The importance of the core language approach to maintaining emotional and relational balance
  • How to identify and name your grief as it relates to your Mother Wound
  • How to release, grieve and move forward from the mother and childhood that never will be
  • To accept what is as the foundation for moving forward
  • When no contact is necessary
  • The difference between boundaries and rejection
  • What it means to rebuild your inner image of your mother
  • Why compassion is more important than forgiveness 
  • How to define your personal core value system
  • How to build your own Daughter’s Bill of Rights
  • How to rebuild your inner core to redefine where mom ends and you begin
  • What it means to build your ancestral support system

This is a live event hosted via Zoom.  Each module builds upon the other and can not be taken out of order or separately.

Class size is limited to ten women and or non binary people.  Trans women are welcome in this space. 

All modules incorporate teaching sessions, family constellation sessions, somatic tools for deep body awareness as well as breath and energy work for a holistic approach to releasing the emotions and cellular memory of your Mother Wound.  

Each module will provide invaluable tools that can be used for lifelong resolution to any area of conflict and imbalance. 



The in-person group will be held on 1st & 3rd Tuesdays

The virtual group will be held on 1st & 3rd Wednesdays

Space is Limited to 10 Members per group 

Invitations will be extended to those on the pre-registration list on a first come first serve basis until the group is full. 



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