I often say, You can hold onto what you did not get as a child, or you can heal. You can’t do both.


Join me today as I talk about why I chose Metaphysics as my spiritual path and how I became a Metaphysical Minister.  


Do you carry a Mother Wound? Our first love relationship is with our biological mom. It’s our earliest understanding of connection, trust, and commitment. The first time we will feel supported or abandoned. It’s how we learn to bond with others. It’s how we learn about boundaries or the lack of them.

When this relationship is imbalanced, it creates a Mother Wound that, when left unhealed, can profoundly and subconsciously affect your relationships, friendships, career, finances, fertility, parenting, and health. In this video I share 5 signs you may be carrying a Mother Wound.

Do You Carry A Mother Wound?  Full Article

Becoming Body Aware 

What Is Family Mapping? 

What Is A Family Constellation? 

Ending The Cycle of Your Mother Wound

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