We magnify our emotions by fearing them. When they remain in us, stuck in our bodies, we imagine them more significant than the perfection of our body’s mechanisms to live, survive, and thrive.

Becoming body aware helps you learn how to trust your body and its ability to resolve what lays beneath the surface.

Emotions are normal and natural. They are meant to be felt, processed, and metabolized at the moment they happen. However, when you experience trauma, the normal process of expressing emotion can be shut down, trapping your response and emotion inside your body. It becomes body memory.

If left unprocessed, it sits there, in your body, it becomes the filter from which you view and orientate to the world.

I have created this video for you to start getting familiar with your body and how it stores emotion.

You will soon see how capable you are of identifying, sitting with, and then resolving your stored emotions.


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