Hello! I’m Rev. Chelle

Metaphysical Minister, Family Constellation Facilitator & Clinical Hypnotist

I guide women as they connect the dots from their mother wound to issues in their relationships, career, finances, fertility, health and parenting . I do this with my paradigm shifting, evidence based, trauma informed healing experience that breaks generational and subconscious cycles of pain between daughters and their mothers. 


The Origin of My Mother Wound

My mother was a deeply wounded woman. The daughter of an alcoholic, she became an addict. She was rejected by her mom, lived most of her life as a homeless woman, and never found peace.   

I was abused in any way you can imagine. I was a foster child who became a teen mom at 14 and by 19 had three children with a man seven years my senior. I parented from my Mother Wound for years. My family was disjointed; my children resented me. I held grief masked as anger that was in deep need of healing.  

My children grew up, and I could see Mother Wound patterns starting to repeat in their lives. I knew something had to give. I could not allow another generation to go unhealed.  

I Became A Best Selling Author

I’ve shared the intersection of my Mother Wound and life challenges in the Amazon Best Selling anthology, The Strength of My Soul. My chapter was called Mitochondrial Semantics. It’s Complicated. That was in 2015. Since then, I have done an immense amount of healing. I was so grateful for the invitation to write my story. Looking back, it was the beginning of this current chapter of my healing journey. 

Humblebrag, my story also won me a Voice of The Year award with BlogHer in the same year.

That was pretty cool.

The video above is my performance of my piece for the stage production, Listen To Your Mother

I Felt So Seen

Like many Healers, I found my path through the journey of healing my own Mother Wound. I have always instinctively known there was a connection from my life challenges to a complicated relationship with my mother. I didn’t have the language or the tools to connect the dots. But when I found this work, it felt like coming home. I felt so validated and seen within my family system, as a daughter and as a mother myself. I could finally see a way through my Mother Wound. 

I Went Back To School

During my healing journey, I felt a strong pull to go back to school and re-enter the ministry. I share that journey in this video.  CLICK HERE to view it. 

I finished my degree, Seminary, and Clinical Hypnosis training. I eventually was introduced to Johanna Lynn of The Family Imprint Institute. Johanna teaches practitioners like me, how to facilitate Systemic Family Mapping and Family Constellations. She teaches the general and traditional application of this modality. Its powerful work. 

HOLY MOLEY, This is Powerful 

Honestly, I had no idea how this work would shake up my reality. It helped me look more in-depth than I ever had and transform my anger into compassion. It soothed my grief, and it challenged me to see my whole family system. I had to confront my victim story and redistribute the weight of my emotional baggage. The mapping of my family made my generational trauma so bright that I had no choice but to bring it to a resolution.  

It helped me grow up and understand the roles we all played. I had to lay down the security blanket of my childhood pain so that I could get to know who I was without it. I took control of my narrative. 

Did I want to hold onto what I did not get as a child, or did I want to heal? 

I could not do both.  

Birthing Ending The Cycle Of Your Mother Wound

I committed that I would stop the Mother Wound cycle that robbed the women of my family of their full portion of joy and life. It was time. It was my honor to hold space for my ancestors who would never get the chance to do this work; Including my mother, who passed away in 2001. This healing work transcends time and space. It heals within the energetic representation of your whole family. It includes your ancestors, those still living, those that were never born and those yet to be born. It’s the opportunity to create a new story, a new emotional legacy.

Through my healing work, I discovered how powerful this tool was for healing the unique challenges held within the Mother Wound. 

What’s Next?

Did any of this resonate with you?  

Book a consultation with me. Let’s see if this work is right for you.

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