Why Do I Identify As A Witch?

Why Do I Identify As A Witch?
It’s political for me
It’s a clear declaration
And rejection of patriarchal
It’s personal and has connected me to
My own power source

Abortion, Family Constellations & Compassion

Women who choose abortion are doing the absolute right thing for their life. It doesn’t mean there won’t be grief, sadness, and even moments of regret. We can acknowledge the emotion and hold space that she still made the right decision.

Choosing and Using Your First Deck of Tarot or Oracle Cards

“The cards are here to confirm the conversations you have already had with yourself“   If you are new to tarot or oracle cards, I thought it would be helpful if I shared my five favorite decks and some tips for how to complete your first readings. Many...

5 Common Myths About Hypnosis

“Hypnosis is a focused state of concentration. It’s a state of hyper-awareness that doesn’t override your common sense, morals, or your gut instincts“   Hypnosis has a provocative relationship with mass consciousness. Movies portray hypnosis as a mechanism of...

Emotions Are Held In Your Body

Your body memory responds to people, places, things, stories, memories, and experiences through the perspective of your family entanglements. You carry these entanglements and emotions more in your body than in your conscious memory. Before your Hippocampus (the part...

Do Your One Thing, It Can Change the World

  Some of us are the planners Some of us are the organizers Some of us are the visionaries Some of us are the teachers Some of us are the healers Some of us are the thought leaders Some of us are the soothers Some of us are the encouragers Some of us are the artists...

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