Some of us are the planners
Some of us are the organizers
Some of us are the visionaries
Some of us are the teachers
Some of us are the healers
Some of us are the thought leaders
Some of us are the soothers
Some of us are the encouragers
Some of us are the artists
Some of us are the awakeners
Some of us are the guiders
Some of us are the listeners
Some of us are the bridge builders
Some of us are the holders of righteousness anger
Some of us are the peacemakers
Some of us are the funders
Some of us are the lovers
Some of us are the stokers
Some of us are the fire
Some of us are the spirit
Some of us are the grounders
Some of us are the messengers
Some of us are the academics
Some of us are the learners
Some of us are the defiant ones
Some of us are the compliant ones
Some of us are the elegant ones and
Some of us are simply not
Some of us are the firm ones
Some of us are the sweet ones

All of us are warriors…

I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s important in the chaos of the world to find our own one thing and do that thing. Sometimes we will be one of these, sometimes we will be many of these. Sometimes at the same time and sometimes years apart.

Let’s meet ourselves where we are. Have honest conversations with ourselves about where we need to grow, what we need to learn and what bias we need to unpack to be a better and higher version of ourselves.

In my training as a Metaphysical Practitioner and Minister I am called to challenge my own reaction to darkness. I am challenged to see the humanity behind the motive and the opportunity for healing in the center of chaos. My hypnosis training shows me that healing is always possible and we have the power to transform our subconscious. So my visions for healing the world is wide open and super optimistic.

It’s common in my Metaphysical circles to hear calls to “Rise Above” the negativity. It’s important to understand that “Rising Above” under the guides of Metaphysical teachings doesn’t give a pass to exclude ourselves from directly confronting that which is destructive to our humanity.

To me “Rising Above” means finding and fulfilling our purpose through our connection to Source so we can do that one thing with which we were entrusted. “Rising Above” means connecting to the revealing and honest Source energy so we can directly confront the versions of ourselves that contribute to the chaos in the world. To me “Rising Above” means rising above our egos so we can hear those who are being oppressed more than ourselves. And to me “Rising Above” means actively being a part of the collective healing by doing your one thing…

It also means sitting with the uncomfortableness of the darkness so we can understand it and find the lesson in the chaos.

We weren’t entrusted with our one thing to serve only ourselves. It’s a collective gift. And while we get to meet ourselves where we are, the collective push is to grow beyond ourselves for the collective good and healing.

When we all do the work to become better versions of ourselves, we heal our world. We are better equipped to see the opportunity in our differences and how we can put our individual pieces together to create collective wholeness for generations to come.


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