Are You Ready To Transform Your Life?

All of my Hypnosis services are specially crafted for the unique healing needs of women and are rooted in the philosophy that all women deserve to live empowered lives.

This is a sampling of the sessions we offer. Hypnosis is effective for so many issues.  If there is something you want to work on and you don’t see it listed, please contact me and we can talk more about your needs.

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Emotional Freedom 

Release fear, anxiety, stress, guilt

Release blocks to emotional intimacy

Help with trusting your intuition


Trauma & PTSD**

Addiction recovery


**Coupled w/ traditional mental health care

LGBTQ Support

Coming out support for self -love

Coming out later in life

Gender releasing

Gender transitioning

Gender affirmation

LGBTQ centered self-love & acceptance

Health & Wellness

Smoking cessation

Weight management/loss 

Pain management

Sleep better and deeper

Stress reduction/management

A wide range of physical issues 

Ego Strengthening




Image confidence

Discovering the power of your voice

Improve dating confidence

Gender strengthening

Gender confidence

Releasing trauma of gender based oppression 

Pre/post separation & divorce

Job changes

Career & success

Learning/Testing Confidence

Reproductive Health 

Pain with periods




Post hysterectomy release

Positive menopause transition

Reduce hot flashes

Pain associated with sex

Sexual apprehension and restoring normal sex drive

Fear of sex

Release sexual trauma

Release blocks to sexual intimacy

Fertility & Pregnancy

Release anxiety and stress about getting pregnant

Release any emotional and mental blocks to getting pregnant

Affirm positive experiences for fertility treatments

Reduce or eliminate nausea

Release anxiety or fear

Positive suggestions for a happy healthy pregnancy

Self hypnosis techniques for pain management

Reduce or eliminate discomfort as your body/ baby changes

Preparing for the birth

Pain-free childbirth

Healthy/balanced emotions during pregnancy

Healthy postpartum emotions

Healthy bonding (mom & dad)

Are You Ready To Explore How Hypnosis Can Help Change Your Life?

In Person vs. Video or Phone Session

All positive suggestion and general releasing sessions can be done via phone or video call.  Releasing sessions must be done via video call. 

I am  trained in the  Cellular Releasing©  and Cell Command Therapy™ method trademarked by Dr. Ed Martin & Cheryl Martin of The Path Foundation of Houston.

Cellular releasing & Command are  highly effective and powerful tools for releasing the root cause of your issue.  This tool works well with my Intuitive Spiritual Coaching Program. 

Traveling to See Me?

If you are coming into Houston from out of town, I have a great resources sheet for hotel and food options. I will travel with adequate arrangements and compensation.

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