Rev Chelle

Metaphysical Minister, Family Constellation Facilitator, Clinical Hypnotist

Hello! I’m Rev. Chelle

I guide emotionally conscious women as they connect the dots from their mother wound to issues in their relationships, career, finances, fertility, health and parenting . I do this with my paradigm shifting, evidence based, trauma informed healing experience that breaks generational and subconscious cycles of pain between daughters and their mothers.








My Tools

Systemic Family Mapping

Using the Core Language Approach,  combined with a special version of a family genogram, Systemic Family Mapping allows you to explore the epigenetic imprints and emotional wounds of your family system. This is a crucial step to understanding your Mother Wound as it gives you a bird’s eye view of the hidden narratives running in the background of your life.

Family Constellation Healing

Family Constellation Healing is an energetic and somatic experience that allows you to uncover and break the hidden and destructive family narratives that are ruling your relationships, career, finances, fertility, health and parenting. The goal of this experience is to restore belonging, balance and order within the family system so that love and compassion can freely flow.

Clinical Hypnosis

Clinical Hypnosis is a concentrated state of focus that utilizes deep relaxation, cellular releasing and positive suggestion to help you release the emotional triggers within your Mother Wound.  While Systemic Family Mapping & Family Constellation Healing work within your family system, Hypnosis is your personal tool to reshape your subconscious mind to complete the healing experience. 

My Focus

Mother Wound Healing

Our first love relationship is with our biological mom. It’s our earliest understanding of connection, trust, and commitment. The first time we will feel supported or abandoned. It’s how we learn to bond with others. It’s how we learn about boundaries or the lack of them. When this relationship is imbalanced, it creates a Mother Wound that, when left unhealed, can profoundly and subconsciously affect your life. Most of these lessons are unconscious; beginning in the womb, the lessons lay in our body on a cellular level.  Later in life, they show up as the framework for our relationships, friendships, career, fertility, parenting, and our understanding of money and abundance

I Can Talk About…

  • Getting to the emotional, energetic and generational root of your Mother Wound
  • Connecting the dots from the unhealthy patterns in your family system to your most pressing issues in relationships, fertility, parenting and career
  • Identifying the connection between your Mother Wound and your failed relationships
  • Why an unhealed Mother Wound may be affecting your fertility
  • The connection between your Mother Wound and Imposter Syndrome

What I Can Contribute To Your Podcast…

  A Conversation about breaking generational   and subconscious cycles of pain between daughters and   their mothers

My Tech Specs


  • MacBook Air
  • Zoom, UberConference, Skype
  • Blue Snowball Mic

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