Could you benefit from  SystemicFamily Mapping and Family Constellations?



I firmly believe that every human on the planet can benefit from this healing experience.  It can provide deep insight into how we show up in our relationships with family, friends, money and career, even the larger world around us. It provides an outer resolution for long-held inner conflict and entanglements.

It can be the springboard for profound inner transformation and the mechanism for resolving intergenerational patterns that have wounded multiple branches of your family tree.

But I also believe that when you come into contact with this work, it is in divine timing. You are most likely haunted by your dissatisfaction with the way things have always been. You are tired of carrying emotional weight that feels unreasonably obligatory. You are ready to shake things up and move forward lighter, healthier, and with more compassion and love in your heart.

Also, this work will challenge you in ways you haven’t been before. It is designed to shift your paradigms of compassion and love.  It may entail holding compassion for those with whom you may be holding painful memories. It requires a willingness to lay down narratives that you have held sacred. It’s also a safe and secure container for doing all of this.

Only you can determine if this healing experience is the right tool for you.   To help you decide, I have created a list of statements for you to read and process.

These statements work within four themes that manifest upon almost every family map. A connection to a single statement doesn’t necessarily mean this work is right for you, but it may give us a framework to explore.  These statements reference your biological mother and father only. There is context for a step or adoptive parent, just not at this stage.

As you read each statement, ask yourself if the statement resonates with you.  If it does, where in your body do you feel that resonance? Write down your experience and let’s talk about it further. If you read the statements and it feels familiar, but you are unable to feel its connection in your body, let’s talk about that as well.

  • My biological mother’s pregnancy with me was difficult.
  • I was born after my mother experienced a miscarriage or termination of a pregnancy.
  • The circumstances in my mother’s life when she was pregnant with me were stressful, traumatic, unstable or abusive.
  • I have always seemed to have a hard time emotionally connecting with or trusting my biological mother.
  • There was a period from birth to seven years old where my biological mother and I were separated for a considerable amount of time.
  • My mother is cold and distant and I have always had a hard time feeling close to her
  • I feel closer to others in my family than I do my mother.
  • I have a persistent feeling of being alone or abandoned
  • I have a hard time setting and keeping boundaries in my life
  • I was always the responsible child
  • My mom and I are close. She’s my best friend.
  • I have a hard time in intimate relationships
  • I attach and fall in love too quickly
  • I can’t move too far from my mom/dad.  They may need something, and I have to care for them.
  • I have always been super independent
  • After I graduated, I could not wait to move as far away from home as I could.
  • I feel guilty if I do not care for my mom/dad
  • I never want to see my mother/father again
  • I have irrational emotions or sensations that have suddenly appeared
  • I have a persistent imbalance in my life.
  • I have fears or phobias that don’t make any sense to me
  • I feel shame that I can’t identify with anything rational.

Again, if you can, record less the story related to the statement, and more the feeling in your body when you read it.  If you remember from the last article, Emotions Are Held In Your Body, how these statements resonate in your body tells us more than our conscious thoughts.

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