Family Mapping reminds me of an archaeological excavation. If you think of an archeological site, it’s meant to uncover pieces of history in the most delicate way possible so that a story can be woven out of the small, specific moments of history as they lay next to each other. 

An archaeological excavation is soft and patient. It doesn’t come in with a bulldozer to dig up history’s secrets nor does it disturb the foundation of the site.  With precise measurements and delicate tools, the archeologist can uncover an exact moment in history. They can piece together the small, subtle details in the discovery of the broader meaning in history. From something as tiny as a square inch, clues, that have patiently resting through time, come to life to tell their story.

In mapping a family’s history, the same goes.

Mapping the family is the intake process for any new client. It’s the standard questions you would get asked when visiting a new practitioner, plus the delicate, specific, and targeted questions to guide you to the root of the reason we are in a session. It’s less the telling of your story, and more my attunement to the language you use to answer questions about your family.

I’ll ask questions that help you choose adjectives to describe mom and dad.  I’ll ask about birth order and any children you may have. I’ll ask how your mom and dad would describe their parents.  I’ll ask about your greatest fear and what would be the worst thing about that fear. There are a variety of questions I would ask depending on how the answers unfold. The key is for me to intuitively tune into your words and map your family’s entanglements. Some of these entanglements are loving and supportive, and others can be traumatic.  

We are intimately connected to our stories. And so, you will inevitably start to tell me yours. My job is to gently guide you back to the questions at hand.  As I guide you through my questions, I’m listening for words that jump through as we lay the pieces together. It can almost feel like a dance as we ebb and flow between words and the place you carry those words in your body.

As gentle as the mapping process is, it’s possible you will feel an influx of emotion as you recall memories or have powerful and life shifting ah-ha moments.  When you do, I’ll gently guide you into your body so that whatever you are feeling can be felt and metabolized.

I’ll share more about how the body holds our trauma and entanglements. For now, it’s enough to know that you will be fully guided through this process even if you have no idea what “being in your body” means.  

When the pieces of your map are staring up at you, begging to be seen and acknowledged, a powerful shift begins within you as you start to connect the dots.  You begin to see and most importantly, feel your way through and out of the patterns you have long wished resolved.

If something from this post resonated with you, book a free consultation with me and let’s talk about it. 

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