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What is Family Mapping – Video

When the pieces of your map are staring up at you, begging to be seen and acknowledged, a powerful shift begins within you as you start to connect the dots.  You begin to see and, most importantly, feel your way through and out of the patterns you have long needed to...

Thank You

Thank You For Your Registration Your registration comes with a no cost 30 minute consultation to better understand what motivated you to join this paradigm shifting healing series. I look forward to meeting you. Please Book Your Consultation Below

Becoming Body Aware – Video

I have created this video for you to start getting familiar with your body and how it stores emotion.

You will soon see how capable you are of identifying, sitting with, and then resolving your stored emotions.

What Is A Family Constellation?

The Orders of Love are the universal laws of the family system. When our family’s relationships do not follow the order, love does not flow, and the family system is interrupted. Family Constellations is the mechanism to set the systems in order.

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