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Step One

Let’s have a consultation.  This healing work is not for everyone. It will challenge your current paradigms and narratives.  It takes a deep level of self awareness, commitment, and desire to stay the course.  So let’s see where you are and talk about a way forward either way.  




Step Two

Let’s create your family map. Systemic Family Mapping allows you to explore the epigenetic imprints and emotional wounds of your family system. This is a crucial step to understanding your Mother Wound as it gives you a bird’s eye view of the hidden narratives running in the background of your life.

Step Three

Once we have a systemic understanding of your issue we start using Family Constellations and Clinical Hypnosis  to break the hidden and destructive family narratives that are ruling your relationships, career, finances, fertility, health and parenting. Family Constellations work in the family system while Clinical Hypnosis work in your subconscious.  

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