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This series is a PAY WHAT YOU CAN event.

What does that mean? It means that you pay what you can, what you can afford to, or what you are led to.

The minimum amount is $1.00. The max is any amount you feel led to pay for the series. The amount you choose to pay at registration is the amount for the entire series.


At checkout, the price is set at $1.00. One the check out screen, you simply change the quantity to match the amount you wish to pay. If you choose to pay $1.00 your quantity is 1. If you choose to pay $50, the quantity is 50. If you choose to pay $100 the quantity is 100.

In order to change the quantity, you will have to keep clicking on the quantity number and scroll until you get to the number you want. My system is a bit weird in that it increases 10 at a time each time you click the quantity number. So keep clicking the number until you get the number you need.


Each Sunday night for the next four weeks, you can attend an online group hypnosis session.

I’m calling these sessions Sunday Night Sessions. Sessions will be held from 8 to 9 pm.

I am holding them at a time I anticipate you to be relaxing for the evening, maybe even preparing for bed. If you are inclined you can even listen to the session as you fall asleep for the night. The suggestion at the end of the session will allow you to wake up fully when your body is ready to do so. That could be when the session if over, or later in the night or even morning. The point is to allow your body to relax and rest.

This will help in regulating your nervous and endocrine system,

My goal is to offer you a reprieve from the collective stress you are feeling and give you an opportunity to have a deeply relaxing experience to help in the following ways...

April 19th - Balance your nervous system

April 26th - Create an anchor for calmness when you are feeling overwhelmed

May 3rd - Help you experience regular, deep, satisfying sleep

May 10th - Help you maintain emotional balance.

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