Let’s take a look at the critical components of Family Mapping and Constellations Healing.

Epigenetics, Family Mapping, the Family Soul, and Constellation Healing

Epigenetics means “on top of genes,” and explains which expressions of our genes are turned on or off based on what we have inherited from our family. Additionally, it accounts for the integration of genetic changes that have resulted from our unique life experiences.

We both inherit gene expression and create them to pass to our children. We don’t just inherit blue or brown eyes, our hair color or round hips; we also inherit the emotional and experiential gene expressions of our ancestors. These expressions show up as repeated patterns, trauma and more than coincidental happenings throughout generations.

For a point of clarity, I am defining trauma as an emotional wound.  The Greek definition of trauma was originally referencing a physical wound. However the same can be applied to an emotional wound.

Trauma has a multi-dimensional impact. It not only disrupts one’s ability to cope and diminishes one’s sense of self and their ability to feel the full range of emotions and experiences. It also stunts an individual’s capacity to feel the full spectrum of human emotions as well as their ability to integrate their life experiences.

Wounds are relative. One person’s emotional wounds won’t look like another’s.  What may not be a trauma to one, may be profoundly devastating to another. So in the spirit of autonomy, I allow my clients to define their trauma. Many of my clients have experienced intergenerational patterns expressed as childhood abuse.

The Family Soul is a common term used by Constellation Facilitators to describe the family’s Morphogenetic Field. A Morphogenetic Field is an energy field that carries information through time and space allowing consciousness to be shared. The same Morphogenetic Field that exists within nature also exists in families.  It is the place where our energetic entanglements exist and the space where they can also be resolved.

Systemic Family Mapping allows us to explore the epigenetic imprints and emotional wounds of a family soul.

Constellation Healing is interactive and is held via individual or group sessions. It’s the vehicle to bring to resolve the family’s entanglements as they manifest looking through time and space for healing and resolution. Constellations unplug the flow of love and compassion that has been stuck in trauma. The experiences are deeply impactful regardless of how you experience them. I thought the best way to explain Family Constellations are to show them to you.  Here are a couple of really great videos. These are not my videos, so please make sure to visit the channel of the creators and thank them for such wonderful explanations of this work.

To read more on the science of epigenetics and how trauma expresses through generations, I highly recommend the work of  Dr. Joy Degruy and Dr. Rachel Yehuda, two pioneers in this field.  Dr. Degruy has written a book called Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome and explores the intergenerational trauma experienced in communities of color as a result of the history of enslavement in the US.  Dr. Rachel Yehuda and her work explore the intergenerational trauma of Holocaust survivors.

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