I am a Holistic Healing Practitioner. My tools are a combination of Systemic Family Mapping, Family Constellations, and Clinical Hypnosis. In the next few articles,  I’ll explain how I came to learn these tools and the powerful ways they can help you take control of the systemic enmeshments and patterns that have been passed from generation to generation in your family.

Like many Healing Practitioners, I found my healing tools through my journey of healing long-held emotions and a victim narrative whose weight had become unbearable.

I have always instinctively known there was a more profound connection from my challenges to those of my foremothers and fathers.  I just didn’t have the tools to connect the dots. When I found this work, it felt like coming home. Retrospectively, I see that I tiptoed around it for years.

I found the work of Dr. Joy Degruy and was fascinated by the science of epigenetics.   The same year, I wrote a short story about the ways my mother’s parenting woes became my own.  It was the story of how I kept her with me (I kept her cremated ashes after she passed away) so that we could heal our wounds and reconcile even in her death.  I won two awards for that story; the 2015 BlogHer Voice of the Year and Amazon Best Seller for being included in the anthology, The Strength of My Soul.

In 2017, I finished a year-long program to become a Clinical Hypnotist and was eventually introduced to Johanna Lynn of The Family Imprint Institute.  Johanna teaches practitioners like me, how to facilitate Systemic Family Mapping and Constellation Healing services. I enrolled in her classes and immediately integrated what I learned into my private practice.

I fell in love with the clarity that Systemic Family Mapping and Family Constellations provided.  It contextualizes and redistributes the weight of intergenerational entanglements throughout the family system. This discovery helps my client understand what belongs to them and is their responsibility to heal,  and what is inherited epigenetically. This understanding provides immense clarity and hope.

I love being a Clinical Hypnotist. However, I felt there was a missing piece.  Systemic Family Mapping and Family Constellations was the piece for which I had been searching. Not only for my healing but as a tool I would build my practice around.

The combination of Systemic Family Mapping, Family Constellations, and Hypnosis became my toolkit.


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